Impact Glass Skylights

Skylights offer all shapes and styles Polygon skylights, circular glass skylights Pyramid and hip-ridge glass skylights With up to 22 square foot per glass Size and missile approval from Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code. Large and small missile impact tests All with Hurricane test approvals.

Ruskin Louvers

Hurricane louvers and wind driven louvers, capable of 150 psf Design Pressures by ruskin louvers. Available 5" & 6", these horizontal hurricane blades comply with the coastal requirements for large missile impact, cycle testing and static pressure. Custom louver designs and shapes such as circular louvers and triangular Louvers are available.

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Unit Skylights

We sell the best Skylights, Hurricane skylights spyder skylights, tubular skylights, and custom circular skylights and pyramid skylights. All of our skylights are warranted direct from the manufacturer and include Hip-ridge, glass skylights, up to 32 sq. ft.

Note: Product testing always meets the Dade County and SBCCI large missile and small missile impact protocol. P.E. CERTIFIED ENGINEERING, CALC'S AND DESIGN ARE AVAILABLE WHEN SPECIFIED.

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